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Beauty and Boudoir

This is a photoshoot about your own self worth, that you can be your authentic self. You will always treasure this for years to come. . A legacy photograph of a beautiful YOU that will be treasured for years to come.

I want your first beauty or boudoir session to be incredible. You will love everything about how the session will make you feel, and the experience starting with being pampered during makeup and hair. I love this idea; that I can make women feel beautiful, empowered, and fall in love with herself during a beauty and boudoir session. The absolute thought of women loving themselves, feeling beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin is powerful. This should be celebrated, always.

I will photograph you in all the things beautiful that you love, things you feel incredible wearing . your beauty and sensuality will be captured through my lens of my camera no matter what your age is, your shape, or your size. My hope was that I'd be lucky enough for you to choose me to photograph you.

I have photographed many women through the years. I promise to make you laugh, if you haven’t. I probably haven't photographed you yet. I know this because your still on this page. I would have told you everything during your session as we got to know each other. Since I haven't photographed you, I have a reason to still work hard for you.

During our session I will photograph you in a way that makes you fall in love with yourself.

If you’re engaged in a passionate love affair with yourself then I congratulate you and challenge you to celebrate that. I invite you to a portrait session with me to photograph you. We can have some wine, or we can have a photo session. I like both.

The boudoir and beauty I shoot is for the woman who is only interested in who she is. She is her own person, and her own beauty. I love Lingerie as much as you do, and I'm pretty guilty of pinning various fitness workout plans on Pinterest. Those sites are great for the occasional 'undies stash' and healthier versions of my favorite comfort foods, but they aren't great for forming opinions about sexiness, beauty, and your own self worth. You are beautiful as you are. I can show you how beautiful you are, and I will bring out that sexiness that you don't believe 'exists'. I know it does it, is there in every single woman. You will be your own kind of beautiful. You aren't generic, and you aren't a semi-annual sale. It isn't about reducing anything including your weight. It is about throwing in all of the goodies, building and strengthening what you already have.

give me a call. Shoot me an email. Join me for coffee let's talk. Stop listening to the naysayers , let's have a conversation.