COVID-19 Portrait Project - Heather Johnson Photography

March 25, 2020

Who?  Families

What? Family Portraits taken from your front porch or rear window

When?  during COVID-19

Where? Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island


My name is Heather Johnson, I am the owner of Heather Johnson Photography on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina and the Charleston Surrounding areas.   I am doing a portrait project, that I photograph you from afar.  I will be, photographing you my zoom lens on your Front Porch or inside your rear window. There are many photographers that are doing similar projects.  I of course will be outside, to keep my distance from humans. This project would be maintaining the rules of the CDC, as we all are struggling to keep our small businesses open.  

Our appreciation is welcomed to participate in our project.   Because, of the COVID-19 virus that has recently Quarantined many parts of the world.  How are you and your family coping with this pandemic? We know this is hard, We hope you are safe and healthy.  I know many people and businesses are struggling in our current times to maintain their businesses including ours.  I want to photograph families inside your window, on your front porch, or on the steps of your front porch.  This is a great opportunity to have professional photographs taken at a low cost .  If you do not feel comfortable doing something like this week also are offering gift certificates.  Below, is a photo of our front porch at our beach house at Surfside Beach, South Carolina.  

Rain, Sun, and Sand - Wild Dunes Resort Family Portraits


March 2020

Who? Richards and Buckner Family

What? Family Portrait, Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes Resort

Where? Isle of Palms Beach

When? March 2020

Meet the Richards and the Buckner Family, along with their children, Inlaws, and parents. Kimberly,  first called me to create images. We are cousins, it was great to reconnect with her after 10 years. Ha! They are the perfect beach family that comes every year to Wild Dunes Resort with the sun, sand, and rain.  It has been 10 years since they have had portraits taken, until now so; I knew they would be a fun family.  They knew their extended family of 9 were going to be vacationing on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina.  4 adults, 3 teenagers, a boyfriend, and 2 grandparents are always a recipe for a fun shoot full of laughter that captures beautiful expressions.  Of course, we would take  beautiful pictures of their wonderful family they will love and cherish. We are so thankful, they chose our studio Heather Johnson Photography to photograph their family. 

Clothing choices can sometimes be overwhelming for your images, this family chose to keep it simple. I  love the white and khaki we suggested for their family beach portraits, we feel that is the best colors for pictures on the beach.  However, some like to brighten it up with some color, jeans, and florals and those are great choices as well. We always encourage outfits that go with your awesome personality.   Before their shoot, the skies opened and their was rain however, the rain turned into sunshine.  make sure you follow our instagram@heatherjohnsonphotographyllc that’s where you find all things photography.

Hello World - Heather Johnson Photography

Hello, My name is Heather Johnson and I am the owner/ photographer at Heather Johnson Photography.  Just a little about Me;  I photograph at the beach and in the mountains. 

I am morning coffee and tea drinker.

I have 2 dogs; a black lab named max, and a pynearian Mastiff named bentley.

One of my favorite daily routines is my yoga practice.

I have a son named Jacob.

I am a daughter, a sister, and a best friend.

I love a makeup, before  and after. 

In 2013, I opened my photography business here in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  I have a degree Batchlors of Fine Art from the Liberty University with  a emphasis in Photography.  Capturing images, and telling the tell authentic stories of people ,families like yourself has always been a big part of why I love photography.  We want to document your most memorable expressions of you as a family.  We love the laughter between you and your family, the little giggles when children scruch their nose, hugs, kisses, and tears.   We are passionate about documenting all the beautiful moments about your family, wedding, or portrait session.  When we photograph families our goal is to build a connection for years to come.   The expressions and beauty in Portraits and Weddings is why I still love photography.  

Being based in charleston and Greenville South Carolina, gives us great options where you want your session.  We mostly do outdoor portraits and we also love lifestyle sessions as well.  You have the option of having a portrait on the beach or in the mountains.     below are some of my favorite portraits of myself,  I hope you have great images you love as well of you. (photo’s are courtesy Foxworthy Studios)

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